Amazing Blocks forms partnership with law firm NÄGELE in Liechtenstein

We are pleased to announce a partnership between Amazing Blocks AG and NÄGELE Attorneys at Law LLC, one of the key law firms in Liechtenstein. They will provide legal guidance for Amazing Blocks AG offering the best possible services regarding the tokenization of registered shares.

Tokenization of shares with Amazing Blocks AG

Amazing Blocks AG offers a software-as-a-service that helps its clients to set up a fully digital legal entity, a Liechtenstein AG, with tokenized shares. This allows users to set up and administer a legal entity almost completely digitally and remotely. Physical meetings, travelling and notaries can be mostly avoided: The period from deciding that a client needs a legal entity until it is fully operational and travelling will be significantly reduced. Contact Amazing Blocks AG, request access to the Tokenpad software, provide some data for the future legal entity and for the future shareholders: Investing a couple of hours and subsequently initiate the token-generating process yourself. Fundraising and ESOP can be done accordingly as well with the provided software. Who needs a fully digital legal entity? The best use cases are for (1) all kinds of blockchain startups from the entire world and (2) to package tokenized assets such as real estate, classic cars, machines, cash-flow generating contracts and trademarks. To tokenize everything, in some cases a legal wrapper (special purpose vehicle, SPV) is still needed.  Amazing Blocks AG offers a software to its clients to set up digital legal entities in Liechtenstein remotely from anywhere in the world. These digital legal entities are easy to administer saving time and money. They rely on tokenized shares in line with the Liechtenstein Token Act (TVTG alias Blockchain Act). 

NÄGELE Attorneys at Law LLC as a legal partner

With drafting the relevant documents to allow digital legal entities in Liechtenstein, NÄGELE Attorneys at Law supports Amazing Blocks AG in their operating business. NÄGELE Attorneys at Law LLC is an independent law firm established in 2015 which specializes on auspicious fields such as blockchain & DLT, IT in general and the capital markets, making it a predestined fit for a blockchain startup like Amazing Blocks AG. While still being a relatively young company, they inherit an impressive resume of high-profile clients of international corporations, regional SMEs and private as well as public institutions. The partnership can further diversify their already astonishing list and expand their business even more. Furthermore, founder Thomas Nägele brings Blockchain and Cryptocurrency experience since 2011 to the table, an almost unique attribute in the ever evolving industry, when considering the legal perspective. This clearly provides them with a competitive advantage over their peers and establishes their pioneer status in the legal field. Last but not least, they prove to be on par with the tech-industry by constantly striving to improve and digitize their business further by for instance offering comparative guides regarding certain IT topics on their website.

Goals and opportunities of the partnership

As a LegalTech blockchain startup, Amazing Blocks AG is the perfect match for a law firm with pioneer status. This grants Amazing Blocks AG the opportunity to fully reap the benefits of asset tokenization. Amazing Blocks AG can now follow its ambitious goals, due to this profound backing without having to worry about legal aspects. NÄGELE Attorneys at Law LLC is perfectly equipped to cope with the fast pace of a highly innovative industry like blockchain, where establishing a legally compliant tokenomy is the logical next step toward mainstream adoption.


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Amazing Blocks offers a software-as-a-service that enables its clients to tokenize shares of a Liechtenstein legal entity. Legal entities can then be founded based on equity tokens and administered with less effort, in a digital way and remotely from anywhere. The best use cases are legal entities for blockchain startups and as a legal wrapper (special purpose vehicle, SPV) for any tokenized asset (e.g. machines, cash flow generating contracts, trademarks, real estate, classic cars). Our goal is to standardize legal entities which then dramatically reduces the cost and time needed to tokenize assets and rights. Digital legal entities are easy to administer (e.g. ownership transfer of equity in a few minutes) as they rely on tokenized shares in line with the Liechtenstein Token Act. Here, our software helps guarantee a high degree of automation and standardization. In a similar way, fundraising and ESOP for your legal entity can be done anytime: A few click in our software and the shares for the new investors or employees are generated and transferred - inline with the legal entity’s articles of association.

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Partnership with law firm Nägele

We are pleased to announce a partnership between Amazing Blocks AG and Nägele Attorneys at Law LLC, one of the key law firms in Liechtenstein.

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Our software helps to tokenize shares of legal entities in Liechtenstein. But we do not provide custody or token generation services.

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The key to tokenization

Liechtenstein made the first move. With the quite new Token Act, it is now possible to found digital legal entities based on tokenized shares. The Liechtenstein Token Act allows any right or asset to be tokenized such that it can easily be traded or transferred.

Amazing Blocks will help you with:

  • Tokenization and issuance of shares. With our software, we help you as CEO to tokenize your shares. We do not provide custody services or token generation services.
  • Distribution and transferring of registered shares to existing or new shareholders. All in line with the Liechtenstein Token Act.
  • An easy-to-use software that interacts with the Ethereum blockchain that allows you to tokenize your shares; perfectly fitted to your needs.

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