Establish your digital legal entity in Liechtenstein

Establish your digital legal entity in Liechtenstein
Perfect solution for tokenizing assets

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Tokenizing assets and shares for legal entities in Liechtenstein



Our software allows you to automate the founding process for legal entities. Then, any asset and any right can efficiently be tokenized: cars, machines, real-estate, ...



Our software helps to overcome inefficient processes and allows digitizing shares. But we are not providing custody or token generation services.



Our software allows you to manage your shares, your shareholders, and their decisions fully remotely. Ownership transfers of equity tokens can then be done within minutes.

We digitize legal entities end-to-end


Cost and time-efficient

With the use of blockchain, many expensive intermediaries become obsolete, thus, there is room for cost and time efficiencies.


Faster settlement

Blockchain technology digitizes paper-based processes and increases the speed of transactions through the use of digital shares.


Global transferability

The digitalization of shares drastically simplifies the transfer of assets. Assets that were previously illiquid can now be easily transferred worldwide and 24/7.


High transparency

Transactions are stored unchangeably and transparently on a blockchain. They are therefore securely traceable at all times.


Digital share register (“Aktienregister”)

Our software allows you to maintain a digital share register that is easy to use and manageable in the most convenient way possible. Share transfers were never this easy.


Digital asset investing and ownership transfers

Fundraising and onboarding of new investors will be possible with just one click. Shares can be issued immediately in the form of tokens. All this, in accordance with legal regulations and requirements.

Advantages of digital shares for our customers


Founding a company based on ETH

First company ever founded in Liechtenstein without bank account but instead with Ether as initial non-cash contribution.


First to tokenize equity in Liechtenstein

We are the first to generate equity tokens according to the Liechtenstein Token Act.

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Our software helps to tokenize shares of legal entities in Liechtenstein. But we do not provide custody or token generation services.


Supporting legal processes for tokenization with our software

Our clear focus is on the integration of our software solution with the contracts of a legal entity to meet the highest standards of:

  • User experience
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Security and system resilience
  • Modularity and, hence, flexibility
  • Automation and STP
  • Implementation speed and updates


Christopher Diesing

Decentralized Capital GmbH

"We have invested in Amazing Blocks since we truly believe that legal entities will become digitally transformed: Less effort, less administration and less costs when setting up legal entities."

Simon Peters


"The share register with the names of the shareholders will be mirrored in tokens. Of course, these tokens need to be customized professionally." 

Christoph Impekoven

Micobo GmbH

"Tokenization of assets works already. But it will work much better with fully digital legal entities where shares are also tokens."

Benjamin Horvath

Blockrocket GmbH

"Amazing Blocks is a startup in our portfolio. They will make tokenization much more efficient with their software to tokenize shares of legal entities in Liechtenstein."

Christian Labetzsch

Blocksize Capital GmbH

“It will be very important for the future of tokenization, that legal entities can be set up easily and administration costs are close to zero."

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Amazing Blocks is a one-stop shop for digital legal entities in Liechtenstein: We offer a software-as-a-service that enables its clients to tokenize shares of a Liechtenstein legal entity. A company can then be set up remotely and it is easy to administer. It relies on tokenized digital shares. It can be used for blockchain startups and as a legal wrapper (special purpose vehicle, SPV) for any tokenized asset.

Learn more about our solution and find detailed information about our pricing, our software and digital legal entities in Liechtenstein in our pitch deck.


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